APIEMS initiated from two conferences held in 1998, China-Japan Joint Conference on industrial engineering and management in Beijing, China, and Korea-Japan Joint Conference on industrial engineering and management in Taejon, Korea, produced some excellent results and the two were merged to form a single conference in the following year 1999, when the 2nd APIEMS conference was held at Kanazawa, Japan. Since then, the APIEMS has rapidly emerged as an important forum for exchange of ideas and information about latest developments in the field of industrial engineering and management society among professionals from Asia-Pacific countries, namely, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. APIEMS conferences serve not only as a forum for exchanging idea and information but also facilitates collaborations among delegates and participants from different countries, culture and institutions, besides providing the much needed exposure to new research efforts and findings.

In 2019, 20th APIEMS 2019 were held in Kanazawa – Japan